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Picnic Lunch
Appears in EarthBound
Type Food
Cost $24
Sells for $12
Heals 84 HP
Best Condiments Salt Packet
Dropped from Cave Boy (128/128)
Crested Booka (4/128)
Cute Li'l UFO
Ranboob (2/128)
Found Dusty Dunes Desert Drugstore
Desert Gold Mine
Desert Food Cart
Fourside Department Store
Winters Drugstore
Winters Laboratory Cave Boy
Description When eaten, you recover about 80 HP. There's even a slice of your favorite cake!

Picnic Lunches are items in EarthBound. They are tasty pack lunches that restore 84 HP to Ness, Paula and Jeff when eaten, but only 6 HP to Poo. They are dropped by Cave Boys, Crested Bookas, Cute Li'l UFOs and Ranboobs, or can be bought and found in a variety of locations. A Picnic Lunch must be brought to one of the Monkeys in the Monkey Caves in order to progress; it can be bought from the nearby Dusty Dunes Desert drugstore if Ness does not have one. They work well with the Salt Packet.

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