"Wha-! Oh! You woke me up... Pokey! I've been looking all over for you... You see, Pokey got scared and ran away... Well, I'm glad that you're okay at least... Let's go home now. I bet Mom and Dad are worried sick about us. Geez! Sometimes I wonder which one of us is the real big brother."
— Picky Minch

Picky Minch is a character in EarthBound. He is a boy from the suburbs of Onett, and the younger, though far more mature brother of Pokey Minch. He plays a small role during the beginning of the game when he is lost on the mountain behind Onett. He temporarily joins Ness's party after he finds him on the mountain and Ness brings him home. Unlike Pokey, Picky provides some small aid to Ness in battle during this initial part of the game, although his attacks only cause 1 point of damage (unless he gets a SMAAASH!! attack), and sometimes he can "chant a magic spell", having no affect on the battle at all.

After Ness brings him home, he stays in front of a bed on the second story of his family's house for the remainder of the game. He and his mother, Lardna Minch, also stay behind when his brother Pokey and his father go to Fourside. Like Lardna, he has no clue as to why his father and brother left. He later appears in Magicant, where he complains to Ness that his snack was stolen from him by Pokey. At the end of the game he gives Ness a letter written by Pokey Minch telling him to find him if he can.


  • Picky's in-game sprite has an 'M' on his shirt, while the shirt of his clay model is adorned by a 'P'. This is because the developers saved memory space by making the north and south walking animations of every character (except Ness's southward walking animation) simply mirror one sprite to face a given direction (hence the reason why one foot is always raised in the air). Since Picky's last name is "Minch" and Mother's name, which both start with the symmetrical "M", the graphical change worked out.

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