For the status ailment, see Paralysis (status ailment).
Paralysis (パラライシス, Paralysis) is a PSI ability in all three games of the Mother series. It works on a single enemy, or all enemies, depending on the power level, and causes the affected target to become numb. Paralysis is learned in EarthBound Beginnings by Ana, in EarthBound by Ness, and in Mother 3 by Kumatora.

Ness using paralysis α on a Mondo Mole

In EarthBound Beginings

Users PP Cost Target Effect Description
Ana 8 To one enemy Paralyzes one enemy. Paralyze one enemy.

In EarthBound

Level Users PP Cost Target Effect Comments Description
α Ness 8 To one enemy N/A Stops an enemy from moving. Forces one enemy into "numbed" condition. Learned at level 14.
Ω Ness 24 To all enemies N/A Stops all enemies from moving. Forces all enemies into "numbed" condition. Learned at level 29.

In Mother 3

Level Users PP Cost Target Effect Description
α Kumatora 8 To one enemy Status Effect: Paralysis

Paralyzes one enemy. Learned at level 17.

Ω Kumatora 24 To all enemies Status Effect: Paralysis Paralyzes all enemies. Learned at level 29.

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