"There's a monkey at the entrance. Take the monkey. He's really noisy. If you buy a pack of bubble gum, you can have the monkey for free. Otherwise he will cost you a buck. So, do you want him?"
— Lady in Winters shop

The Pak of bubble gum (also known as the Pack of bubble gum) is a key item in EarthBound. A lady in the shop near Jeff's school Snow Wood Boarding School will sell Jeff the Pak of bubble gum for $1, stating that Jeff can have the noisy monkey near the entrance of the shop if he buys the gum. When Jeff has this item, it will make the Bubble Monkey follow him around. The item can be used indefinitely to give the monkey another piece of gum.

Having the Bubble Monkey follow Jeff around is necessary to advance the plot, because giving the Bubble Monkey gum is used to call Tessie and throw a rope down from atop a cliff for Jeff to climb on the way to see his father. It is also used to advance the plot inside of the cave north of Stonehenge, allowing Jeff to reach a platform not accessible without a rope, as giving the Bubble Monkey some gum allows him to reach the higher platform, and lower a rope for Jeff for him to climb.

Trying to drop the gum will say: "Don't spit your gum out. Even if it has lost it's flavor..."

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