Kumatora using PK Ground against a Mecha-Lion.

PK Ground is a PSI ability in Mother 3. It works on all enemies, hitting five times and dividing the damage between all of the targets. The exact damage is determined by the maximum HP of the foe it targets (it does 5% of the enemy's max), making it very effective against bosses (with the exception of the King Statue, which is immune). PK Ground is learned in Mother 3 by Kumatora. It cannot be reflected by PSI shields.

In Mother 3Edit

Users PP Cost Target Effect Description
Kumatora (Learned at level 60) 43 To all enemies Inflicts 12-13% of the target enemy's max HP about 5 times to random enemies. Goes right through shields and counters and may make an enemy fall over. Damages all enemies with an earthquake. Can't be reflected by any kind of PSI.

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