PK Beam is a PSI ability in EarthBound Beginnings (and its port Mother 1 + 2). This move is learned by Ana. PK Beam was replaced with PSI Flash in EarthBound, and its ability to be reflected by Franklin Badges was given to PSI Thunder.

In EarthBound BeginingsEdit

Level Users PP Cost Target Effect Comments Description
α Ana 4 To one enemy Deals 28 - 32 damage Damages one enemy (Learned at level 5) Damages one enemy for 28 - 32 damage.
β Ana 7 To one enemy Deals 70 - 85 damage Damages one enemy (Learned at level 11) Damages one enemy for 70 - 85 damage.
γ Ana 12 To one enemy Instantly destroys Instantly destroys one enemy (Learned at level 25) Instantly destroys one enemy if it hits.

(Can be reflected by Franklin Badge when used by enemies)

Ω Ana 24 To all enemies Deals 100 - 210 damage Damages all enemies (Learned at level 33) Damages all enemies for 100 - 210 damage each.

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