Over Zealous Cop
Over Zealous Cop in-battle
Abarenbō Koppu
Sprites Over Zealous Cop overworld
Origin Summers
Appears in Summers
Hit points 800
Psychic points 677
Offense 100
Defense 100
Speed 100
Guts 100
Vitality 100
IQ 100
Luck 100
Experience reward 7448
Wealth $420
Drops Double Burger (1/32)
Location Cave
"Most cops are good guys, but a few men in blue have agendas of their own. Stay in the shadows and out of their way to stay out of trouble."
— Description

Over Zealous Cops are enemies in EarthBound, taking the appearance of a palette swap of Captain Strong. They can only be found on the Summers beach. They are absurdly rare, to the point where one can play through the entire game several times over and never encounter one at all. Their attacks can do moderate to high damage.

They can be paired up with the Tough Guy, who is equally as rare.

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