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Osohe Castle (music)
MOTHER 3- Osohe Castle02:09

MOTHER 3- Osohe Castle

Sound Player number 78
Code number 67

Osohe Castle is a song in Mother 3 that, as the name implies, plays on the inside of Osohe Castle.

It's Chimera ResearchEdit

It's Chimera Research
MOTHER 3- It's Chimera Research01:49

MOTHER 3- It's Chimera Research

Sound Player number 181
Code number 106

It's Chimera Research is a song that plays inside the Chimera Laboratory. It is a remix of the Osohe Castle theme using synths.

Under Construction...Edit

Under Construction...
MOTHER 3- Under Construction..01:32

MOTHER 3- Under Construction...

Sound Player number 230
Code number 146

Under Construction... is a song that plays in Mother 3 on the Construction Site floor of the Empire Porky Building. It is a slower, creepier remix of the Chimera Lab's theme with loud, computer-like noise at 0:35.

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