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Orange Kid
Orange Kid Clay
Sprites Orange Kid
Age Possibly older than Ness
Origin Twoson
Relatives Unnamed Grandmother
Appears in EarthBound
"Greetings. I'm Orange Kid, the inventor. Have you heard of me? I'm a bit embarrassed about my reputation. I have a lot of inventions in development, but I'm running short of cash. I'm basically a happy-go-lucky person, so I'm not worried. You know, I'm working on this machine that would really help you in Peaceful Rest Valley. I hope it's ready soon... what? You're actually willing to help finance the project?"
— Orange Kid

Orange Kid, a character in EarthBound, is one of two inventors residing in Twoson. Orange Kid is often spoken of more highly by local residents than his colleague, Apple Kid, due largely to his superior social skills and hygiene, and it is Orange Kid himself who is the quickest to reinforce rumors of his perceived greatness. His Grandmother, who can be found on the second floor of the Twoson Department Store, thinks that Orange Kid is older than Ness. She also notes that he is popular with the girls, and thinks it may be because he is "groovy."

If Ness chooses to fund his research he will eventually receive the Suporma, short for the "Super Orange Machine", which is an item that plays a song called "Ode to Orange Kid" before promptly breaking. After this, Orange Kid will conduct research on how to unboil an egg for the remainder of the game. Neither the ability to unboil eggs or the Suporma prove particularly useful to Ness during his adventure. He alternates between saying that he's hard at work and his brilliant invention will be ready soon or that he found a problem in Einstein's theories that are causing him trouble.

He bears a slight resemblence to Jeff Andonuts. His name and Apple Kid's name might be a reference to the saying, "comparing apples and oranges".

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