Open Sesame Tofu!
Wess: Don't look now! I'm not gonna stick my butt out or anything like that, though.
Sound Player number 98
Code number 70

For Salsa's version of this song, see Laugh! Be Happy!.

Open Sesame Tofu! is one of the funnest tracks in Mother 3. It plays when Wess does his dance in Osohe Castle. It, along with the dance, has become quite famous as "the Wess dance" or "this is how you open the door" and was even used for a contest on Starmen.Net.

Open Sesame Oil!Edit

Open Sesame Oil!
Wess: ...Duster. This is embarassing. Turn the other way.
Sound Player number 97
Code number 61

Before the dance scene starts, when Wess is explaining that he'll open the door, this small sample plays. It's basically just the background beat for Open Sesame Tofu!.


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