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Onett Police Station is a building in EarthBound located in Onett, Eagleland. This police station is a couple of blocks east from the Onett Mach Pizza Branch, and southeast from the city hall.

The police station has a hall, where accountants and police officers do their work. The second hall is a small prison block consisting of three cells containing different fugitives. The last hall is an empty room. After defeating the Titanic Ant, Ness is called to the police station, where he is brought into the last room to fight five Cops plus Captain Strong (actually standing in for the fifth cop, who flees after the first 4 are defeated). Upon defeating the five cops, Captain Strong gives Ness clearance to head to Twoson, which to this point had been blocked off.

During the events of Giygas's invasion of Onett, the Onett Police Station is closed.

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