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A gaming arcade with two floors located in Onett. The arcade is swarming with members of the Sharks who have turned the place into their hideout. One of the Sharks is blocking the way to the backyard where Frank Fly resides. After you defeat their leader Frank Fly and the Frankystein Mark II, the Sharks cease operations and relinquish control of the arcade. Some of the Sharks will stay in the arcade after their leader's defeat but they remain friendly.

Trivia Edit

  • The arcade cabinets seen in the Arcade bears a striking resemblance to Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. The sounds heard when in the Arcade also resembles the game Xevious.
  • When Ness comes into the arcade a Shark member will run to him and say "You better just beat it!". "Beat It" is a famous song from Michael Jackson.
  • When Frank Fly is defeated a Shark member will still run after you but only will say "Yeah?".

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