Omelets (spelled as Omlettes in EarthBound) are a favorite food of Lucas by default in Mother 3. Claus, Flint, Alec, Boney, and Hinawa love omelets just as much as Lucas does. Like PK Love, this can also be named at the start of the game. These items can only be obtained by using the Debug Room. If used, it is a food item that restores 300 Hit Points (HP).

Item Description

"'A family favorite. Restores 300 HP."


  • Using the Don't Care naming option, possible names for Lucas's favorite food are "Omelets", "Pasta", "Gratin", "Donuts", "Stew", "Gelatin", and "Rice".
  • The breath of Stinky Ghosts is decribed to smell like rotten Omelets.
  • Upon eating the purple mushrooms, decaying omlets are found in a mailbox.

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