Oh Mook Sprite
Relatives Dept. Store Spook, Mook, Lesser Mook, Mook Senior
Affiliations Giygas
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
EarthBound Beginnings
Status Common
Type Mook
Hit points 160
Psychic points 250
Offense 60
Defense 140
Fight 10
Speed 65
Wisdom 250
Strength 100
Force 100
Experience reward 175
Wealth $110
Location Mt. Itoi lake
Description "Not only will it attack using PSI, it is a theif!"

Oh-Mook (Domook in Mother), is an enemy in EarthBound Beginnings. Oh-Mooks can use some PSI, including PK Freeze. They are close relatives of the Mooks from EarthBound Beginnings and related Mooks from EarthBound. They can be in groups of two or three. Occasionally, they can be accompanied by a Last Starman. Their name is a pun on the phrase "oh look." They are strong against PK Freeze.

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