Kumatora attempts to lower the Offense of a Return of Octobot.

Offense Down
is a fictional PSI ability in the 2006 video game Mother 3. Offense Down decreases the Offense of a single enemy, or all enemies, depending on the power level, by one-fifth of their base Offense stat on its first use, and one-tenth of the stat on its second and third uses. Offense Down can only be used three times per battle before it becomes ineffective and fails. Offense Down is realized in Mother 3 by Kumatora.

In Mother 3Edit

Level Users PP Cost Target Effect Description
α Kumatora level 15 7 To one enemy Decreases one enemy's Offense. Lowers one enemy's Offense. Effective when stacked.
Ω Kumatora level 37 20 To all enemies Decreases all enemies' Offense. Lowers all enemies' Offense. Effective when stacked.

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