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Ocho 1
Sprites Ocho 2 Ocho Sailor
Affiliations Mixolydia
Location Tanetane Island
Appears in Mother 3
"Yes. All sorts of things fall into the ocean. Picking up those things along the beach is known as "beachcombing", and I just looove it."
— Ocho

Ocho, the friendly octopus butler of the Magypsy Mixolydia, is a character in Mother 3. Both in his true form as an octopus and in his appearance as a sailor to Lucas and co. after using the mushrooms, he will comment on how pretty Mixolydia is. He enjoys beachcombing, and gives Lucas and friends their items back that they lost after the fight with Master Eddy. After the Masked Man pulls Mixolydia's needle, Ocho will give Lucas and co. a ride back from Tanetane Island to Cerulean Beach.

Ocho makes a cameo appearance in the Japanese DSiWare game "Kappa Road" which was developed by Brownie Brown (who is now called 1-UP Studio, who also developed Mother 3
Ocho reference

Etymology Edit

Ocho means "eight" in Spanish, referring to the number of arms that octopi have.

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