A fictional snack, HP-Recovering item that occurs both in Earthbound and Mother 3 it heals at around 15 HP

The 'Cookies' of Earthbound

This snack makes its first appearance here. Ness and co. can figure out that Spiteful Crows drop this item at a rate of 100%, and can be sold in the bakery in Fourside. This item can originally heal for 15 HP, but if held long enough, it can heal up to 17 HP.

Crumb-lings in Mother 3

Nut cookies make its second appearance here. It is first found in Chapter 1, by Flint, since he can receive these items from Mike, at least for 3-5 times. Then, the Nut item that is scattered throughout North Tazmily can be made into these cookies, courtesy of Caroline.

In the later chapters, Nut Cookies can be obtainable from beating up enemies like the Big Bro in Chapter 2 by Duster. Then, in Chapter 4, in the bakery in Tazmily, for 8 DP and sold for 4 DP. It is a better deal than having a Nut, but different from Nut Bread.

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