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Nut Bread
Nut Bread
Appears in Mother 3
Heals 30 HP
Dropped from Barrel Man (70% chance)
Firefly (100% chance)
Greedy Mouse (20% chance)
HUGE Pillbug (30% chance)
Mischievous Mole (70% chance)
Mr. Batty (20% chance)
Sand Lizard (50% chance)
Tree (20% chance)
Violent Roach (10% chance)
Yammonster (60% chance)
Zombie Dog (60% chance)
Description Bread made from nuts. Restores 30 HP.

The Nut Bread is a common item that recovers HP in Mother 3, and is dropped by many enemies. They restore 30 HP to the character it is used on.

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