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No Eating Crackers in the Cinema

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No Eating Crackers in the Cinema
Sound Player number 218
Code number 153

No Eating Crackers in the Cinema is a song in Mother 3 that plays inside the New Pork City cinema. There are no cracker items in Mother 3 that could be used to test this song's name; however, one of the ladies will prevent you from dashing inside the cinema. There's another version of this song in 8-bit, but it's not listed in the Sound Player so it can only be heard in the cinema.

This Theater StinksEdit

This Theater Stinks
Sound Player number N/A
Code number 185

This Theater Stinks is an 8-bit version of No Eating Crackers in the Cinema. It is played in the theater as Lucas and friends try to find the seats that smell, which indicates the Stink Bug's presence..

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