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"I know that boy is home. Come on son and answer the phone. Something new has come up and..."
— Ninten's Father
Ninten's Father
Relatives Ninten, Mimmie, Minnie, their dog Mick
Spouse Ninten's Mother
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings

Ninten's Father, or Papa, is a character frequently talked to over the telephone in EarthBound Beginnings, but only appearing once in the ending. Similar to Ness's Father in EarthBound, he is able to save Ninten's progress in the game, deposit money into his son's bank account, and inform Ninten and friends how many experience points they need to get to the next level. He also calls in Snowman and asks for the player's name. While in the original Japanese version of Mother Ninten's Father does not physically appear, in the expanded ending of the English version EarthBound Beginnings and the remake Mother 1 + 2, the game concludes with Ninten's Father trying to reach Ninten, saying that something new has come up.

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