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Age 12
Origin Tazmily Village
Relatives Richie, Lisa, Thomas
Appears in Mother 3

Nichol (ニコル Nikoru) is a character in Mother 3. He is a boy from Tazmily Village, the son of Lisa and Thomas and the brother of Richie. Like the rest of the Tazmily children, he is three years older in Chapter 4.

When the player visits Thomas's Bazaar during the earlier chapters, Nichol and Richie are inside, and they will mention that their father and grandfather go into the Sunshine Forest to get their supplies for the shop.


  • Nichol and his sister Richie's names are possibly an allusion to American celebutante Nicole Richie.
  • Nichol bares a distinct resemblance to Jeff in EarthBound and Lloyd in EarthBound Beginnings, mainly because Nichol has glasses and clothes like Jeff's and Lloyd's.

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