" What might its ultimate pose be? It's making an effort to master posing techniques in battle."
— Battle Memory

Nice Poser is an enemy in Mother 3. It is a mechanical man, that seems like a gray piece of art. It is one of the most difficult enemies to attack from behind because it seems to stay in one position and will always face the party. It is seen in the 3rd floor of the Chimera Lab, where there are windows separating it from the lounge. It may appear in the Mecha Porky battle when one calls for help. The Nice Poser is extremely resistant to any PSI attacks, rendering PK Love useless. However, it is vulnerable to standard attacks, and requires a Made-You-Look item to take its other pose. Its in-battle theme is Audacious March.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 46 which falls under Code Numbers 897 for regular attack, 898 for Smaaaash! and 899 for Miss. However, hacking is required to hear it as it only uses turn wasting moves and is immune to Brainshock.

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