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New Year's Eve
Appears in Mother 3
Cost 3000 DP
Dropped from K9000 (5% chance)
Description Reduces all enemies' HP to 1. Don't rely on it, though. It could be a dud.

The New Year's Eve (New Year's Eve Bomb in the fan-translation) is an item in Mother 3. It is a device that, in battle, reduces all the remaining hit points of a single enemy to 1. However, it will often be a dud and fail against all enemies except for the King Statue, which has 100000000 HP. Defeated K9000s drop New Year's Eves 5% of the time, and a Pigmask in eastern New Pork City sells them for 3000 DP.


  • The effect of the New Year's Eve is similar to Ana's PK Freeze γ, a move in Mother that can reduce an enemy's HP close to 0. The only difference is that it's a PK Offense move that always works on normal enemies. As for the bomb, it's a usable item that can fail.

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