New Pork Bossa is a high-class, yet a well-appreciated classical background theme in Mother 3. It is unlocked by Lucas and his party members, via exploring through the Empire Porky Building (most notably in the areas close to the 100th floor) in Chapter 8. This theme is another famous concerto, with the flute leading the theme, and other various woodwinds that accompany the flute in the background. It has a mild, fluid texture, tempo, and rhythm.

This theme accompanies the many harmless, yet classical intriguing landmarks, and is very appropriate to the Western infrastructure and decoration, featured in the Empire Porky Building. Examples are the lobby in the building, and even the street-like, well-decorated vintage lampposts and red carpets, in the game room area directly adjacent to the lab and the room with N.K. Cyborg.


  • This theme strongly resembles the famous nursery rhyme, "Are You Sleepy?" since it's second to the heart of the Pigmask Army's theme, LOG-O-Type.
  • New Pork Bossa is just the classical, Western (preferably Spanish) oriented variation of LOG-O-Type. This is possibly because the Empire Porky Building is the classical and notable landmark of New Pork City. New Pork Bossa fits into the criteria of a "classical" genre.