For the EarthBound Beginnings enemy, see The Hippie.
New Age Retro Hippie
New Age Retro Hippie Clay
Kimamana Nii-san
Sprites New Age Retro Hippie NARHBattleSprite
Appears in EarthBound
Status Common
Hit points 87
Offense 19
Defense 14
Speed 5
Guts 10
Experience reward 160
Wealth $23
Drops Ruler (1/16 chance)
Vulnerable to PSI Fire, PSI Freeze
Location Twoson
""The Hippie hangs out on the streets of Twoson, and his only purpose in life appears to be making the going less than easy for everybody else""
Battle Memory

The New Age Retro Hippie, known as the Carefree Guy in Japan, is an enemy that appears in EarthBound. They mostly appear near Burglin Park in Twoson, and are fought alone. He is likely based off the Hippie that appears in EarthBound Beginnings. His clay model is actually very similar to the one in Mother look-wise.


The New Age Retro Hippie appears with a huge red afro, beard and mustache, and is dressed in an open blue shirt, red pants, and blue shoes. His in-battle sprite has him with crossed legs.

NPCs with the same sprite as the New Age Retro Hippie can be seen in the crowd watching the Runaway Five or operating a condiment selling stand in Burglin Park. One is seen outside a red house in Happy-Happy Village, where a Mr. Saturn lives.


The New Age Retro Hippie mostly uses tools in-battle. In addition to the standard bash, he can uses a toothbrush to solidify a target, and increase his offense by losing his temper. He can waste a turn using a ruler to figure out the length of things. His battle theme is Franky.

The New Age Retro Hippie grants 160 experience points and $23 upon defeat, and may occasionally drop his ruler.

Super Smash Bros. seriesEdit

The New Age Retro Hippie appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a sticker. Attaching this sticker to the bottom of Ness or Lucas's trophies in The Subspace Emissary increases their PK attack by 11.

The sticker is actually of the Hippie's clay model from Mother, which was confused for this enemy.

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