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Negative Man
Negative Man Neg Man 2
Sprites Negative Man Sprite
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Unique enemy
Level 50
Hit points 2238
Psychic points 0
Offense 1
Defense 85
IQ 35
Speed 48
Experience reward 3
Wealth 50 DP
Drops Baked Yam (10% chance), Meteotite (2% chance)
Vulnerable to Crying
Location Argilla Pass
In-battle theme Strong One

The Negative Man is an enemy in Mother 3, encountered exclusively in a cave in Argilla Pass. He is a yellow, rectangular creature that is always depressed, and does not move from his spot in the cave.


Negative Man, true to his moniker, spends the majority of his turns making nihilistic statements. On the rare occasions he does attack, he will only do 1 damage. Among his quotes are:

  • "Life is but a moment, a meaningless grain of sand..." (A line from the lyrics of the Flying Man's theme)
  • "I'm nothing but a worthless protoplasm..."

His theme is Strong One, a deliberate contrast to his status as the weakest enemy in the game.

Rarely, Negative Man drops Baked Yams when defeated, and has the Meteotite as an even rarer drop.

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