For the enemy with the same name fought using this battle theme, see Natural Killer Cyborg.
Natural Killer Cyborg (music)
MOTHER 3- Natural Killer Cyborg02:51

MOTHER 3- Natural Killer Cyborg

Sound Player number 236
Code number 406
Heartbeat code number 1796
Tempo 76 BPM
Other tempo 152 from 0:13 to 0:19 and 0:26 to 1:16
Enemies Natural Killer Cyborg

"Natural Killer Cyborg" is a battle theme in Mother 3. It's only heard in Chapter 8, inside the Empire Porky Building. This theme is exclusive to the Natural Killer Cyborg, because of its atrocious nature and weaponry. This theme is mainly heavy metal, where the occasional electric drum set and electric guitar are heard.

The rhythm for this song is different in some parts. The first and third parts are rather calm, with a low BPM count. The second and fourth parts are a lot faster.

Trivia and References Edit

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