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"Take a look at that chick in front of the hotel. Regardless of some of the people I've seen her hanging out with, I think I'd like to spend some time with her!"
— A Threed townsperson.
"Don't talk to me. My mind is a complete blank."
— Mysterious Woman in Summers

The Mysterious Woman is a character in EarthBound. She has blonde hair and wears a black bikini and sunglasses.


During the zombie invasion of Threed, she lures Ness and Paula into an ambush in the Threed Sunset Hotel, causing Paula to telepathically call Jeff for aid in freeing them.

She also appears on the beach at Summers and tells Ness not to talk to her, although she'll remark on how "cool" Poo is if he's present.  Her sprite has a slight resemblance to Venus's sprite.

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