LOG-O-TYPE is the infamous Mother 3 theme that symbolizes the entire Pigmask Army, especially Master Porky himself. This theme is unlocked and directly introduced during the cutscene of the Pigmask Intervention in Sunshine Forest, when two Pigmask soldiers start dropping bombs. This anthem-based symphony consisting of trumpets and horns is Shogo Sakai's interpretation/variation of the famous nursery rhyme, "Are You Sleepy?"

LOG-O-TYPE is the main theme of the Pigmasks, and many of the Sound Player's soundtracks are a variation of it. The most common of these variations is His Highness' Theme. Other variations range from 8-beat themes, such as Porky's Porkies, to rock-esqe songs like Master Porky's Theme.

The song appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as part of the song "Porky's Theme", along with His Highness' Theme.

Mysterious Flying Object

Mysterious Flying Object plays when the Pork Saucer is flying over Mt. Oriander, after Hinawa releases the carrier pigeon. It's just LOG-O-TYPE being played through the saucer's speakers, accompanied by hovering sounds.

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