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Ninten's House

A room of Ninten's house.

My Home, also known as Ninten's House (にんてんのいえ) or the name the player gave to the character (as seen on the sign outside), is where Ninten lives and begins his adventure in EarthBound Beginnings, located north of Podunk. This is also the location of the first bosses, the Lamp and Doll, and it is under siege by a poltergeist in the very beginning of the game. Ninten's Mother, Ninten's Father, his sisters Mimmie and Minnie, and their dog also live here.

Story Edit

Ninten's house is the starting location in the beginning of the game. Ninten finds his house under siege by an evil poltergeist that wreaks havoc inside the small home. The poltergeist takes control over a lamp and some dolls, and attacks Ninten and his family. He defeats the poltergeist and it leaves. Inside a certain Doll is a music box that contains the very first tune of the Eight Melodies. He leaves his house, and journeys around the world, defeating enemies and ultimately defeats Giygas. He returns home, and lives the rest of his life as a hero.

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