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Mu Training is a special form of meditative martial arts training which Poo undergoes in EarthBound. It involves the ability to ignore everything around you. The training takes place on a small, mountain-like peak in the southeast of Dalaam . Upon starting the training, Poo is besieged by illusions and distractions, including one which tells him his master is calling for him. If Poo succumbs to distraction, then he fails the training and must start over.

Mu training2

One of the distractions Prince Poo must ignore during the Mu Training process.

However, if Poo focuses and remains still, he will eventually enter an illusionary world, where an enigmatic being repeatedly asks him if he minds if he destroys varying parts of him, ranging from arms and legs to his very mind. If he manages to keep meditating despite all of this, he completes his training and seeks out Ness using PSI Teleport β, which needs very little room in order to execute successfully.

Mu training

Prince Poo in his final stage of Mu Training

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