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Pump Chimera
Mr. Pump
Also known as Mr. Pump
Origin Chimera Laboratory
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Location Murasaki Forest
Appears in Mother 3

The Pump Chimera, also known as Mr. Pump, is an NPC and Chimera in Mother 3 that assists Lucas rather than attack him like most chimeras in the game. He is introduced by Dr. Andonuts when the party is looking for something to gain access Doria's Needle, along with Dryer Chimera and the Bucket Brothers. Ironically, he is Dr. Andonuts's least favorite of the three chimeras to choose from, despite being the only helpful one and the correct choice to empty the pool that hides the Needle.


  • There is an enemy in Mother named Gabilan that is similar in appearance to the Pump Chimera.

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