Mr. Poochyfud is character in EarthBound. He is the owner of the Chaos Theater, which resides in Twoson . He appears a a chubby, short man with a smug smile and glasses. When the Runnaway Runaway Five come to preform here, Poochyfud performs a scheme in which the band can't leave until repaying their debt. In order to set the Runnaway Five free, you must survive the Happy Happyist cult and save Paula in Happy Happy Village accessed through Peaceful Rest Valley. After Paula is freed back to Everdred in Twoson in Burglin Park. He promises a gift if you come back with Paula. If you do this, he will give you a wad of bills. If you talk to Poochyfud, he says he'll only deal with you if you watch the show first.  After the show, talk to Poochyfud. He will accept your wad of Everdred's money, and will set the Runnaway Five free. At this point, you can use their help to get to Threed, as they are the only way to get there.

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