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Mr. Passion
Mr. Passion
Affiliations possibly the Osohe Monarches
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Boss
Level 20
Hit points 630
Offense 60
Defense 25
IQ 18
Speed 20
Experience reward 340
Vulnerable to Crying (Smoke Bombs)
Location Osohe Castle

Mr. Passion is a boss in Mother 3. He is found during Chapter 2 during Duster's task of infiltrating Osohe Castle. When found, he is conducting a song called "Family Matters, 2nd Movement". Mr. Passion is furious when Duster refuses to listen to his song, saying he is an "artistic know-nothing" and attacks him.

The ghostly conductor has some hard-hitting attacks and two-hit attacks. He can throw candles, make a chair charge, brandish his baton, and even throw a mouse at you. There is also a chance that he could get lost in the music. After taking enough damage, he becomes more exuberant, raising his attack power. He can now also send everything but a running gag "but the kitchen sink" flying, which is capable of causing major damage. All of these attacks, however, can be avoided by making him cry with smoke bombs, which is his weakness.

Lord Passion
Lord Passion
Affiliations possibly the Osohe Monarches
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Optional Boss
Level 24
Hit points 2897
Offense 82
Defense 43
IQ 45
Speed 34
Experience reward 1086
Wealth 280
Drops Mystical Shoes (for Duster)
Vulnerable to Crying (Smoke Bombs), fire
Location Osohe Castle

Lord PassionEdit

Mr. Passion returns to Osohe Castle in Chapter 5 as Lord Passion. Chapter 5 is the only time you can fight him, and after a certain point in Chapter five, you will not be able to return to Osohe Castle until after you have completed Chapter 5. He has added two new haircurls to his hairstyle and sports a red suit. When found in the same place as he was in Chapter 2, he is still angered that Lucas and friends were "artistic know-nothings" because they wouldn't listen to his new piece, "Ode to Ancestors, 8th Movement", and attacks them.

In battle, he still does the same moves as before (but more powerful), but he can now inflict several status changes by playing melodies that can numb you or put you to sleep. He is still weak to crying, but now that Kumatora is in the party, let her use PK Fire on Lord Passion.

After the fight, he drops the Mystical Shoes, an excellent weapon for Duster.

VsVs. Lord Passion (chuggaconroy)(10:32)
Ohh, a boss battle!!
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Battle MusicEdit

  • Mr. Passion's: "Family Matters, 2nd Movement"
  • Lord Passion's: "Ode to Ancestors, 8th Movement"
  • Both (when found in a Room): "Polterg-g-g-geist"


  • The battle musics consist of several famous classical pieces from several composers (However, Family Matters plays a small part from "Etude for Ghosts" which is a remix of the 3rd movement from Saint-Saen's 2nd Piano Concerto).
  • The music name of "Polterg-g-g-geist" may be a reference to Ninten's house in Mother being shaken by a "poltergeist"; Passion does the exact same thing.

Classical Pieces in MusicEdit

  • "Family Matters, 2nd Movement":
    • Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C Minor
    • Saint-Saen's Piano Concerto No. 2 in G Minor
    • Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat Minor
    • Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 in F Major "Pastoral"
    • Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G Minor
  • "Ode to Ancestors, 8th Movement":
    • Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor
    • Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
    • "Hallelujah!" from Handel's Messiah
    • Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in E Major "Spring"
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