Mr. Carpainter
Carpainter Clay
Sprites Carpainter


Affiliations Happy Happyist cult
Appears in EarthBound
Status Boss
Nom de guerre Mr. Carpainter
Hit points 262
Psychic points 70
Offense 33
Defense 45
Speed 8
Guts 13
Experience reward 1412
Wealth $195
Vulnerable to PSI Fire
PSI Freeze
Location Happy Happy Village
"If you don't want to be my right hand, my left would be just fine... Just kidding! Your existence is a problem for me and my religion. Defy me, and I'll end your pitiful game!"
— Mr. Carpainter

Mr. Carpainter is a character and boss in EarthBound. He is the leader of the Happy Happyist cult, and the second owner of the Evil Mani Mani statue, after buying it from its discoverer, Lier X. Agerate. While under the influence of the statue, he believes the key to happiness is to paint everything in the world blue. He makes Pokey Minch his right hand man and orders him and a masked boy to kidnap Paula so she can become a high priestess (although Everdred claims she was kidnapped to be a human sacrifice). For unknown reasons, he is capable of using PSI Thunder β and Lifeup α. He battles Ness using powerful lightning attacks which can be deflected through the use of the Franklin Badge Paula gives Ness while in captivity. He can also use paint attacks, which inflict significantly more damage than those of the Insane Cultists.

After he is defeated, he apologizes and says that ever since he got the Mani Mani statue, he has been doing weird things. He gives Ness the key to the cottage Paula is imprisoned in, and disbands the Happy Happyist cult.


  • "Carpainter" can mean someone who paints cars, or be a portmanteau of the words "carpenter" and "paint".
  • If meaning carpenter, the name may also be a reference to Jesus, who was a carpenter.
  • Mr. Carpainter's clay figure is a mirrored image of his battle sprite. The sprite holds the paintbrush in his right hand and points to it with his left, while the clay model holds the brush in his left hand and points to it with his right.
  • Mr. Carpainter also wears some sort of yarmulke on head.
  • For some reason, Mr. Carpainter's battle theme is Otherworldly Foe. This likely refers to him being under the control of the Mani Mani statue.
  • Carpainter is vulnerable to PSI Fire and Freeze, even though it would be impossible to use on him without Paula
  • On the sprite for Mr. Carpainter, he has what appears to be a gold piece on his chest. Presumably the key to the cottage Paula is imprisoned in. Yet on the clay model, the gold piece or key is extremely darkened out and hard to see.

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