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Mr. Batty Twist
MOTHER 3- Mr00:56

MOTHER 3- Mr. Batty Twist

Sound Player number 26
Code number 1406
Heartbeat code number 1706
Tempo 168 BPM

Mr. Batty Twist is a song in Mother 3. The tune plays only when the player encounters a Mr. Batty as the name would suggest. It's mostly rock, and has a fast rhythm that's not too hard to catch on. It's one of the few regular enemy songs that doesn't have a "hard" variant.


  • The start of this song sounds almost identical to the opening theme song of the 1960s Adam West Batman television show.
  • Excluding the intro, all of the song is used as part of the Porky's Porkies song later in the game.
  • Midway through the song, the melody becomes Theme from Phantom of the Opera.[citation needed]

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