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Mother 3 Love Theme
MOTHER 3-Love Theme01:12

MOTHER 3-Love Theme

Sound Player number 45
Code number 032

The Mother 3 Love Theme (also sometimes shortened to Love Theme) is a music track in Mother 3, and is the main theme of the game. It is not a battle theme, and only plays at emotional and often sad moments in the game such as Hinawa's death. It is a very sad song with a slow beat.

Shigesato Itoi has stated in an interview on that the Mother 3 Love Theme was added into the soundtrack very late in the game's development. He stated that before it was composed he was content with a sad slow version of His Highness' Theme to be the game's main theme song, but later wanted a more emotional and less repetitive song played for the main theme.


  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, on New Pork City, one of the available tunes is called Mother 3 Love Theme. However, it's not based on the Mother 3 song by the same name. Instead, the first 2 thirds are based on Mom's Hometown. Only the final third is based on Mother 3 Love Theme.
  • In Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, there is a song by the name of "N's Farewell" that is distinctly similar to parts of the Mother 3 Love Theme.
  • This song, along with both versions of Eight Melodies, is part of another song from Mother 3, 16 Melodies.

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