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Mother may refer to:

  • Mother series, a video game series established by Shigesato Itoi which spans roughly eighteen years and has produced several installments.
    • EarthBound Beginnings, the first installment of the series, also known as EarthBound Zero.
    • EarthBound, the second installment of the series, known in Japan as Mother 2: Gyiyg Strikes Back.
    • Mother 3.5, a cancelled expansion set for the also cancelled Nintendo 64 game, EarthBound 64, the original incarnation of Mother 3.
    • Mother 1 + 2, a compilation of the series's first two titles, released exclusively in Japan.
    • Mother 3, the third and final installment of the Mother series.
  • Ninten's Mother, a character in Mother, and the mother of Ninten, Mimmie, and Minnie.
  • Pippi's mother, a character in Mother.
  • Ness's Mother, a character in EarthBound, and the mother of Ness and Tracy.
  • Hinawa, a character in Mother 3, and the mother of Claus and Lucas.

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