""It uses various PSI attacks.""
— Enemy Check

Mooks are enemies encountered in EarthBound Beginnings. Their offensive capabilities are low, so their PSI capabilities make up for it. They use PK Freeze ɑ, Hypnosis and a few other moves. Mooks can become dangerous if PSI Block isn't used, as the attacks can become quick kills. Mooks often team up with other Mooks. Mooks appear as somewhat like a stereotypical alien; many tentacles, more than two eyes, green, and stalks for two of the eyes. They bear sinister smiles, which apply well since some Mook variants attempt to steal items from Ninten. It is a relative of the Oh-Mook.

Relatives of Mooks appear in EarthBound as a different possible race of them. The Lesser Mooks and its senior variety from EarthBound appear as an entirely different color than the regular Mooks themselves. Also, these Mooks have actual eyestalks. The Dept. Store Spook appears to be a green Mook similar to the original. However, it has eyestalks, like the other EarthBound Mooks.