The Monotoli Building (Monotoly Building) is Geldegarde Monotoli's main building of operations in EarthBound. Located in Fourside, it has 48 floors. On the forty-seventh is where Pokey Minch and his father live while they are partners with the brainwashed Monotoli.

When Ness and his friends visit the building before visiting the Monkey Caves, they meet Pokey on the 47th floor, who insults them and has them kicked out of his room. His bodyguards then recommend that the characters should not return. After giving the Yogurt Dispenser to Electra, Monotoli's maid, Ness and Jeff are allowed access to the previously blocked off 48th floor. After dealing with a number of Sentry Robots and the Clumsy Robot, Ness and Jeff meet Monotoli himself. He apologizes for kidnapping Paula, explaining that he was under the influence of the Mani Mani statue, and allows the reunited three to take his helicopter to Summers. However, Pokey steals the helicopter, insults Ness and flees with it, leaving his father behind.

After the defeat of Giygas, ownership of the Monotoli Building is restored to Enrich Flavor and Monotoli himself becomes the elevator man.