The Monkalrus is an enemy in Mother 3 that is found on Tanetane Island. The Monkalrus is a chimera which consists of an ape-like creature with a walrus' head, hence the name. According to the Battle Memory, the ape's original head was used to create a Batangutan.

It possesses the ability to flick fleas on Lucas and co., and it can also take a powerful swing, which has a chance of causing forgetfulness. The Monkalrus is one of the creatures that appear to be an Eerie Smile when under the influence of the Hallucination Mushrooms.

Upon defeat, the Monkalrus has a 3% chance of dropping the Mystical Gloves, Kumatora's ultimate weapon.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 41 which falls under Code Numbers 882 for regular attack, 883 for Smaaaash! and 884 for Miss.