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Mother 3 Love Theme
MOTHER 3-Love Theme01:12

MOTHER 3-Love Theme

Sound Player number 45

The Mother 3 Love Theme (also sometimes shortened to Love Theme) is a music track in Mother 3, and is the main theme of the game. It is not a battle theme, and only plays at emotional and often sad moments in the game such as Hinawa's death. It is a very sad song with a slow beat. A much faster and upbeat version, Mom's Hometown, also appears in the Sound Player.

Shigesato Itoi has stated in an interview on that the Mother 3 Love Theme was added into the soundtrack very late in the game's development. He stated that before it was composed he was content with a sad slow version of His Highness' Theme to be the game's main theme song, but later wanted a more emotional and less repetitive song played for the main theme.

Mom's HometownEdit

Mom's Hometown
MOTHER 3- Mom's Hometown02:12

MOTHER 3- Mom's Hometown

Sound Player number 6
Code number 62

Mom's Hometown is a theme in Mother 3 that plays when the player is exploring Mt. Oriander during the Prologue. It's basically a more upbeat version o]]f Mother 3 Love Theme.

Love Theme (Reprise)Edit

Love Theme (Reprise)
MOTHER 3- Love Theme (Reprise)01:20

MOTHER 3- Love Theme (Reprise)

Sound Player number 118

Love Theme (Reprise) is a song that plays during the transition cutscene that shows Lucas growing up between chapters 3 and 4. It is an alternate version of the Love Theme.

Name These ChildrenEdit

Name These Children
MOTHER 3- Name These Children02:42

MOTHER 3- Name These Children

Sound Player number 167

Name These Children is a song in Mother 3 that plays during the flashback in Chapter 6, and in the final Masked Man battle in Chapter 8 before Claus regains his senses and after he dies. It is almost the same exact song as the Mother 3 Love Theme, but it has a different ending.

It is FinishedEdit

It is Finished
MOTHER 3- It is Finished-004:41

MOTHER 3- It is Finished-0

Sound Player number 246

It is Finished is a slower, eerie and slightly depressing rendition of the Mother 3 Love Theme. This song plays after the flashback scene in the final battle with the Masked Man. The song perhaps conveys the emotions the Masked Man experiences as he slowly turns back to his former self.


  • In New Pork City, one of the available tunes is called Mother 3 Love Theme. However, it's not based on the Mother 3 song by the same name. Instead, the first 2 thirds are based on Mom's Hometown. Only the final third is based on Mother 3 Love Theme.
  • In Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, there is a song by the name of "N's Farewell" that is distinctly similar to parts of the Mother 3 Love Theme.
  • This song, along with both versions of Eight Melodies, is part of another song from Mother 3, 16 Melodies.

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