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"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Stop it! Stop it! Stop steping on me. Even mole crickets are living creatures too you know."
— Mole Cricket
Mole Cricket
Mole Cricket
Sprites Mole Cricket Sprite
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Common
Level 5
Hit points 45
Offense 10
Defense 3
IQ 2
Speed 1¹, 255²
Experience reward 2
Wealth 0 DP
Vulnerable to Ice, Crying
Location Mt. Oriander¹, Mole Cricket Hole²
In-battle theme Bothersome Guys
"He may talk tough, but even against a couple of kids this insect does not stand much of a chance. It's your first battle, so take it slow and keep it simple."
— Mother 3 Guidebook
"Friend or foe? Even when flat broke and stepped on, this imitable bug is always optimistic."
Battle Memory

The Mole Cricket is the first enemy in Mother 3. Found first at Mt. Oriander, and then makes its second appearance in the Mole Cricket Hole six chapters later in the game. The mole cricket deals light damage in both its appearances; it is not bad by nature, but always looking for a challenge. In his second appearance, he will deal only one damage and can be defeated in one hit with PK Love. The background seen during the battles against the Mole Cricket is similar to the background used during the battles against the sanctuary guardians in EarthBound.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 53 which falls under Code Numbers 918 for regular attack, 919 for Smaaaash! and 920 for Miss.

Trivia Edit

  • The Lamp is the Mole Cricket's equivalent in EarthBound Beginnings, due to the fact that they are both the first enemy encountered, and are easy to defeat.
  • If you somehow lose to the Mole Cricket, there will actually be unique dialogue for the event, at least during the first encounter. It's is interesting to note that the developers of Mother 3 included this dialogue despite the fact that losing to the Mole Cricket wouldn't normally happen.

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