Mobile Grave
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 15
Hit points 158
Psychic points 0
Offense 63
Defense 26
IQ 10
Speed 4
Experience reward 60
Wealth 0
Drops Running Bomb 10%
Vulnerable to Crying, bombs, PK Thunder, PK Freeze(slight), Sleep(slight)
Location Tazmily Graveyard
In-battle theme Accelerondo
"At night it's not just the dead that go walking. Stoneface here can be a tough customer, but a Thunder bomb will help bring him down. Drops Running bomb (10%)." - Mother 3 Guidebook
"Wouldn't it be easier to visit a grave if the grave came to you? No, wait, it would just be creepy." - Battle Memory

Mobile Graves are enemies in Mother 3 that are encountered by Duster in the Tazmily Graveyard during Chapter 2. Outside of battle they are almost identical to other graves in the area. When first encountered, their damage is very high for their level. To counter this, they must waste turns by "edging closer" before they can attack, and even then they sometimes "fall over" instead of attacking, wasting yet another turn.

Mobile Graves cannot be battled during the day, as talking to them will simply result in the text, "This grave seems unusually wobbly." They will also not move. At night, they will actively chase Duster, abeit at a slow pace that can easily be outrun or even outwalked.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 48 which falls under Code Numbers 903 for regular attack, 904 for Smaaaash! and 905 for Miss.

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