"A mischievous prankster. In some regions, the males are referred to as Naughty Moles."
Battle Memory

The Mischievous Mole is an enemy in Mother 3. They stay underground until a character approaches them, making them fully appear above-ground. They only appear inside the Drago Plateau and in the cave in Mt. Oriander.

In battle, they attack using their claws or by throwing stones. It can also waste turns "feeling homesick" or "falling over"; this is a reference to EarthBound, where Ness can be affected by homesickness and waste turns.

His battle sound is Battle Sound 4 which is exclusive to mole enemies and falls under Code Numbers 448 for regular attack, 449 for Smaaaash! and 450 for Miss. This is the only enemy with this battle sound that does not have Fate as its battle theme.