Mischievous Blues is a battle theme in Mother 3. It usually plays when battling against small and/or tricky opponents. It is slightly more upbeat than regular blues and has a simple heartbeat track, albeit with with some sudden changes in tempo. This song is also the most common song when fighting unused enemies like the Dung Beetle form of the Unused boss character in Mother 3.

More Mischievous Blues

More Mischievous Blues is the easier variant of Mischievous Blues. It's the same song, except that it doesn't speed up at 0:22. This song also plays when fighting some unused bosses like Aeolia's Table.


  • This is the only battle theme in Mother 3 in which the "easier" version comes after the "harder" one, and is also named as an extension to the later (More Mischievous Blues).
  • These songs may be based on Baby Elephant Walk.