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Origin Podunk
Relatives Ninten, Ninten's Father, Mimmie, George, Maria, their dog Mick
Location Ninten's House in northern Podunk
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings

Minnie (ミニー, or Minny in Mother), is the sister of Ninten and twin sister of Mimmie in EarthBound Beginnings. In the beginning events of the game when Giygas's ship has landed and Ninten's household is infected by a poltergeist, the Lamp in her room is possessed. While Ninten can help both of his sisters, if the Doll in Mimmie's room is defeated first, the poltergeist will die down and Minnie does not need to be saved. After defeating the doll, Minnie will give Ninten some Orange Juice every time he talks to her until he leaves the house. Afterwards, she serves Ninten by letting him store and withdraw items with her, proving her useful throughout almost the entire game.

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