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Mini Barf
Mini Barf
Relatives Slimy Little Piles, Even Slimier Little Piles
Affiliations Master Belch
Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Hit points 224
Psychic points 0
Offense 42
Defense 65
Speed 15
Guts 7
Experience reward 1978
Wealth $124
Drops Bomb
Location Somewhere by Threed

The Mini Barf is a boss in EarthBound. It appears as a small pile of red/violet puke.

It is one of Master Belch's henchmen, fought at the end of the tunnel under Threed that leads to Grapefruit Falls. The slimy monster almost mistakes Ness and company for allies due to the Jar of Fly Honey they have with them, but it discovers they are Belch's mortal enemies and attacks them.

Green-colored henchmen that are palette swaps of the Mini Barf are common in Belch's Factory.


Its most annoying attack is its stinky breath, which can cause the entire party to cry. The Mini Barf can also immobilize a target with mucus, or lower their stats with a terrible odor. PSI Fire is the best weapon against it.

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