"Don't just sit there and wonder why a rock would attack you. That would be dangerous."
Battle Memory

The Minerali is an enemy that appears in Mother 3. It often appears alongside the Fenomeno in the cavern underneath the Empire Porky Building, where the final Needle is held.

Both the Minerali (Italian minerals) and Fenomeno (Italian phenomenon) are references to enemies in EarthBound that were represented in the overworld by a giant octahedron or a spark, respectively.


Mineralis can inflict minor damage by sending rock fragments flying after three party members, and can cause massive damage (about 65-105 damage) to a single party member by crashing down on that targeted member. Their theme is Tough Zombeat.

They are weak to electric attacks, and may drop a Cup of Lifenoodles when defeated.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 48 which falls under Code Numbers 903 for regular attack, 904 for Smaaaash! and 905 for Miss.

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