Military Octobot
Sprites Diamond Militaryoctobot
Relatives Mechanical Octobot
Marauder Octobot
Return of Octobot
Ultimate Octobot
Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Hit points 604
Psychic points 0
Offense 138
Defense 147
Speed 26
Guts 8
Experience reward 25607
Wealth $637
Drops Meteotite (1/128 chance)
Vulnerable to PSI Fire
Location Stonehenge Base

Military Octobots are enemies in EarthBound. They appear in the Stonehenge Base. While they are not the strongest type of Octobots, they can be grouped with Starman Supers and Atomic Power Robots. They commonly fires beams at a character, and can also steal an item, or immobilize a target by coiling around them and attacking. They give a decent amount of EXP and money, and have a 1/128 chance of dropping a Meteotite upon defeat. Along with the rest of Giygas' henchmen, the Military Octobots retreat the Stonehenge Base once Starman Deluxe is destroyed. Interestingly, the clay model for Military Octobot is blue but, it's in-game sprite depicts it green.

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